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CourtVision : New Visual and Spatial Analytics for the NBA

  title={CourtVision : New Visual and Spatial Analytics for the NBA},
  author={Kirk Goldsberry},
This paper investigates spatial and visual analytics as means to enhance basketball expertise. We introduce CourtVision, a new ensemble of analytical techniques designed to quantify, visualize, and communicate spatial aspects of NBA performance with unprecedented precision and clarity. We propose a new way to quantify the shooting range of NBA players and present original methods that measure, chart, and reveal differences in NBA players’ shooting abilities. We conduct a case study, which… Expand
CourtTime: Generating Actionable Insights into Tennis Matches Using Visual Analytics
This paper proposes CourtTime, a novel approach to perform data-driven visual analysis of individual tennis matches that introduces a novel visual metaphor, namely 1–D Space-Time Charts that enable the analysis of single points at a glance based on small multiples. Expand
Creating space to shoot: quantifying spatial relative field goal efficiency in basketball
These measures are relatively straightforward to calculate with the right input data, and they provide distinctive and useful information about relative shooting ability in basketball, and it is expected that spatially explicit basketball metrics will be useful additions to the sports analysis toolbox. Expand
TenniVis: Visualization for Tennis Match Analysis
TenniVis is proposed, a novel tennis match visualization system that relies entirely on data that can be easily collected, such as score, point outcomes, point lengths, service information, and match videos that can been captured by one consumer-level camera. Expand
Baseball4D: A tool for baseball game reconstruction & visualization
From discrete positions across time, techniques are presented to reconstruct entire baseball games and visually explore each play, and how visualization and statistical methods can combine to better inform baseball analyses are discussed. Expand
VisuaLeague II - Animated maps for performance analysis in games
The study carried out suggests that participants demonstrated a more positive attitude towards using VisuaLeague II and LoL’s Replay rather than OP.GG as an analysis tool, simply because better visualization techniques are being used to visualize spatio-temporal data. Expand
Spatio-Temporal Movements in Team Sports: A Visualization Approach Using Motion Charts
This paper suggests the use of gvisMotionChart function in GoogleVis R package and presents and discusses results of a basketball case study, showing that such a visualization approach could be useful in supporting researcher on preliminar stages of their analysis on sports' movements, and to facilitate the interpretation of their results. Expand
Quantifying Shot Quality in the NBA
In basketball, efficiency is primarily determined by the value from shooting the ball. Effective field goal percentage (EFG) is the advanced metric currently used to evaluate shooting. The problem isExpand
Baseball Timeline: Summarizing Baseball Plays Into a Static Visualization
A new and simple approach to represent spatiotemporal information in the form of a timeline is proposed for Baseball plays, a sport where diagrams are heavily used to summarize the actions of the players. Expand
'B-FASST': A Statistical and Spatial Analysis System to Evaluate Player Performance in Soccer
Despite soccer being the number one sport in the world in many respects, the “beautiful game” still lags behind other sports in terms of analytics. We propose the FASST system (Football Analytics:Expand
Buckets : Basketball Shot Visualization
Basketball fans are often interested in learning more about their favourite players and most tools today provide long tables of numbers to support these users. However, basketball is a spatial gameExpand


A Spatial Analysis of Basketball Shot Chart Data
H hierarchical spatial models are developed for shot-chart data, which allow for spatially varying effects of covariates and permit differential smoothing of the fitted surface in two spatial directions, which naturally correspond to polar coordinates. Expand
Scoring and Shooting Abilities of NBA Players
We propose two new measures for evaluating offensive ability of NBA players, using one-dimensional shooting data from three seasons beginning with the 2004-05 season. These measures improve uponExpand
Basketball on Paper: Rules and Tools for Performance Analysis
Journey "inside the numbers" for an exceptional set of statistical tools and rules that can help explain the winning, or losing, ways of a basketball team. Basketball on Paper doesn't diagram playsExpand
Spatial Data Analysis: Theory and Practice
This work focuses on the development of models for statistical modeling of spatial variation in the context of scientific and policy context, as well as the nature of spatial data. Expand
Interactive Spatial Data Analysis
A: Introduction 1. Spatial Data Analysis 2. Computers and Spatial Data Analysis B: The Analysis of Data Associated with Points 3. Methods Relating to Point Patterns 4. Methods Relating to MarkedExpand
Illuminating the Path: The Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics
This is the book form of the Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics to be published by IEEE in 2005.
Quantitative Geography: Perspectives on Spatial Data Analysis
Establishing the Boundaries Spatial Data The Role of Geographic Information Systems Exploring Spatial Data Visually Local Analysis Point Pattern Analysis Spatial Regression and Geostatistical ModelsExpand
Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
  • Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
  • 2012
Why the Mavs’ zone defense will decide the Finals,
  • 2011
Illuminating the Path: The R&D Agenda for Visual Analytics National Visualization and Analytics Center
  • Illuminating the Path: The R&D Agenda for Visual Analytics National Visualization and Analytics Center
  • 2005