[Course of pregnancy in patients with known infertility].


Two hundred and ninety cases of pregnant patients with antecedents of sterility, were analyzed; 55.8% corresponded to primary sterility and 44.2% to secondary sterility. About cases 38.2% corresponded to endocrine-ovarian factor; 17.9% to tuboperitoneal; 7.4% to cervico-spermatic and 36.5% of undetermined cause. The main complications of pregnancy were: abortion, ectopic pregnancy, twin pregnancy, toxemia, pre-term delivery, placenta previa, and premature detachment of normoinserted placenta. The frequency of such complications, as well as the indexes of perinatal mortality and congenital malformations, were no higher than for general population. However, analyzing separetely the different groups, it was found a notable increase the abortion and twin pregnancy indexes in factor endocrine-ovarian (25.2% and 4.5%). In tuboperitoneal the ectopic pregnancy index was higher (7.5%), and one case of heterotopic pregnancy was found. The global index for cesarean section was 47.2%, increased due to frequent use of elective section (11.2%). It is concluded that currently and because the use of diagnostic technology and surveillance since early phases, the evolution and outcome of pregnancies in women previously sterile are similar to the ones for general population.

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