Course of Modic 1 six months after lumbar posterior osteosynthesis.

  title={Course of Modic 1 six months after lumbar posterior osteosynthesis.},
  author={Jean-Marc Vital and Olivier Gille and Vincent Pointillart and Massoud Pedram and Pam Bacon and F Razanabola and C. Schaelderle and Samira Azzouz},
  volume={28 7},
  pages={715-20; discussion 721}
STUDY DESIGN A prospective study was conducted to investigate the outcome of the Modic Type 1 inflammatory signal in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 17 patients with chronic low back pain 6 months after instrumented posterior lumbar arthrodesis. OBJECTIVE To assess the course of the inflammatory signal after stabilization of a painful intervertebral segment by posterior instrumentation alone visualized on MRI systematically performed 6 months after the operation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND… CONTINUE READING


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