Course and branch of the celiac artery in the red falcon (Buteo rufinus)

  title={Course and branch of the celiac artery in the red falcon (Buteo rufinus)},
  author={Ayşe Haligur and Ayhan D{\"u}zler},
  journal={Veterinarni Medicina},
The present study was aimed at determining the origin, course and distribution of the celiac artery in eight adult red falcons, using a latex injection and dissection method. The celiac artery was ascertained to originate from the aorta at the level of the last 2-3 costae. The celiac artery was determined to split into two main branches, namely, left branch of the celiac artery and right branch of the celiac artery, in between the proventricu- lus and gizzard, and in the proximity of the lien… 

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  • 1964