Coupling and entangling of quantum states in quantum dot molecules.

  title={Coupling and entangling of quantum states in quantum dot molecules.},
  author={Mathias Bayer and P. Hawrylak and Karin Hinzer and S. Fafard and Marek Korkusiński and Zbigniew R. Wasilewski and Olivier Stern and Alfred Forchel},
  volume={291 5503},
We demonstrate coupling and entangling of quantum states in a pair of vertically aligned, self-assembled quantum dots by studying the emission of an interacting electron-hole pair (exciton) in a single dot molecule as a function of the separation between the dots. An interaction-induced energy splitting of the exciton is observed that exceeds 30 millielectron volts for a dot layer separation of 4 nanometers. The results are interpreted by mapping the tunneling of a particle in a double dot to… CONTINUE READING

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