Coupled quantized mechanical oscillators

  title={Coupled quantized mechanical oscillators},
  author={Kenneth R. Brown and Christian Ospelkaus and Yves Colombe and A C Wilson and Dietrich Leibfried and David J. Wineland},
The harmonic oscillator is one of the simplest physical systems but also one of the most fundamental. It is ubiquitous in nature, often serving as an approximation for a more complicated system or as a building block in larger models. Realizations of harmonic oscillators in the quantum regime include electromagnetic fields in a cavity and the mechanical modes of a trapped atom or macroscopic solid. Quantized interaction between two motional modes of an individual trapped ion has been achieved… 

Avoiding dissipation in a system of three quantum harmonic oscillators

We analyze the symmetries in an open quantum system composed by three coupled and detuned harmonic oscillators in the presence of a common heat bath. It is shown analytically how to engineer the

Trapped-ion antennae for the transmission of quantum information

Direct coupling between the motional dipoles of separately trapped ions over a distance of 54 micrometres is achieved, using the dipole–dipole interaction as a quantum mechanical transmission line.

Experimental quantum simulations of many-body physics with trapped ions

An overview of different trapping techniques of ions as well as implementations for coherent manipulation of their quantum states and current approaches for scaling up to more ions and more-dimensional systems are given.

Quantum Parametric Oscillator with Trapped Ions.

The Coulomb interaction between two trapped ions is exploited to achieve strong nonlinear coupling between normal modes of motion at the single-phonon level and this coupling is applied to directly measure the parity and Wigner functions of the ions' motional states.

Quantum Synchronization Blockade: Energy Quantization Hinders Synchronization of Identical Oscillators.

It is shown that this wisdom fails in the deep quantum regime, where the uncertainty of amplitude narrows down to the level of single quanta, and paves the way for investigations of new quantum synchronization phenomena in oscillator networks both theoretically and experimentally.

Microwave quantum logic gates for trapped ions

The approach, which involves integrating the quantum control mechanism into the trapping device in a scalable manner, could be applied to quantum information processing, simulation and spectroscopy.

Coherently displaced oscillator quantum states of a single trapped atom

Coherently displaced number states of a harmonically bound ion can be coupled to two internal states of the ion by a laser-induced motional sideband interaction. The internal states can subsequently

Controlled inter-site coupling in a two-dimensional ion trap array

The understanding of quantum mechanical systems is essential to modern physics and its applications. However, already for entangled systems of a few tens of constituents, exact numerical simulations

Spin correlations as a probe of quantum synchronization in trapped ion phonon-lasers

We investigate quantum synchronization theoretically in a system consisting of two cold ions in microtraps. The ions' motion is damped by a standing-wave laser whilst also being driven by a

Encoding a qubit in a trapped-ion mechanical oscillator

A single logical qubit is encoded, manipulated and read out using a superposition of displaced squeezed states of the harmonic motion of a trapped calcium ion, which opens a route for exploring continuous variable error correction as well as hybrid quantum information schemes using both discrete and continuous variables.



Trapped-ion antennae for the transmission of quantum information

Direct coupling between the motional dipoles of separately trapped ions over a distance of 54 micrometres is achieved, using the dipole–dipole interaction as a quantum mechanical transmission line.

Generation of Fock states in a superconducting quantum circuit

This work uses a superconducting phase qubit, which is a close approximation to a two-level spin system, coupled to a microwave resonator, which acts as a harmonic oscillator, to prepare and analyse pure Fock states with up to six photons.

Quantum phases of trapped ions in an optical lattice

We propose loading trapped ions into microtraps formed by an optical lattice. For harmonic microtraps, the Coulomb coupling of the spatial motions of neighboring ions can be used to construct a broad

Entangled mechanical oscillators

Deterministic entanglement of separated mechanical oscillators is demonstrated, consisting of the vibrational states of two pairs of atomic ions held in different locations, and quantum entanglements in a degree of freedom that pervades the classical world are shown.

Quantum ground state and single-phonon control of a mechanical resonator

This work shows that conventional cryogenic refrigeration can be used to cool a mechanical mode to its quantum ground state by using a microwave-frequency mechanical oscillator—a ‘quantum drum’—coupled to a quantum bit, which is used to measure the quantum state of the resonator.

Quantum-limited cooling and detection of radio-frequency oscillations by laser-cooled ions.

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  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1990
A single trapped ion, laser cooled into its quantum ground state of motion, may be used as a very-low-temperature detector of radio-frequency signals applied to the trap end caps of single trapped electron and proton spectroscopy.

Quantum dynamics of single trapped ions

Single trapped ions represent elementary quantum systems that are well isolated from the environment. They can be brought nearly to rest by laser cooling, and both their internal electronic states

Scablable Entanglement of Trapped Ions

Summary form only given. Quantum entanglement is a fundamental element of schemes for quantum communication, cryptography, and computation. In a previous experiment, we demonstrated that two-particle

Ion-assisted ground-state cooling of a trapped polar molecule

We propose and analyze a scheme for sympathetic cooling of the translational motion of polar molecules confined in the wells of a deep optical lattice and interacting one by one with laser-cooled

Scalable ion trap quantum computing without moving ions

Abstract.A hybrid quantum computing scheme is studied where the hybrid qubit is made of an ion trap qubit serving as the information storage and a solid-state charge qubit serving as the quantum