Coupled folding and binding with alpha-helix-forming molecular recognition elements.

  title={Coupled folding and binding with alpha-helix-forming molecular recognition elements.},
  author={Christopher J. Oldfield and Yugong Cheng and Marc S. Cortese and Pedro Romero and Vladimir N. Uversky and A. Keith Dunker},
  volume={44 37},
Many protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions involve coupled folding and binding of at least one of the partners. Here, we propose a protein structural element or feature that mediates the binding events of initially disordered regions. This element consists of a short region that undergoes coupled binding and folding within a longer region of disorder. We call these features "molecular recognition elements" (MoREs). Examples of MoREs bound to their partners can be found in the… CONTINUE READING
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