Coupled charge and spin dynamics in high-density ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

  title={Coupled charge and spin dynamics in high-density ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond},
  author={Rakshyakar Giri and Federico Alberto Gorrini and Carla Dorigoni and Claudia Esther Avalos and Massimo Cazzanelli and Stefano Tambalo and Angelo Bifone},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We studied the spin depolarization of ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in nitrogen-rich single crystal diamonds. We found a strong dependence of the evolution of the polarized state in the dark on the concentration of NV centers. At low excitation power, we observed a simple exponential decay profile in the low-density regime and a paradoxical inverted exponential profile in the high-density regime. At higher excitation power, we observed complex behavior, with an initial sharp rise… Expand

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