Counting the Changes of Random D02 Sets


Consider a Martin-Löf random ∆2 set Z. We give lower bounds for the number of changes of Zs n for computable approximations of Z. We show that each nonempty Π 1 class has a low member Z with a computable approximation that changes only o(2) times. We prove that each superlow ML-random set already satisfies a stronger randomness notion called balanced… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-13962-8_18


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@article{Figueira2010CountingTC, title={Counting the Changes of Random D02 Sets}, author={Santiago Figueira and Denis R. Hirschfeldt and Joseph S. Miller and Keng Meng Ng and Andr{\'e} Nies}, journal={J. Log. Comput.}, year={2010}, volume={25}, pages={1073-1089} }