Counting single-qubit Clifford equivalent graph states is #P-Complete

  title={Counting single-qubit Clifford equivalent graph states is #P-Complete},
  author={Axel Dahlberg and Jonas Helsen and Stephanie Wehner},
  • Axel Dahlberg, Jonas Helsen, Stephanie Wehner
  • Published in ArXiv 2019
  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Graph states, which include for example Bell states, GHZ states and cluster states, form a well-known class of quantum states with applications ranging from quantum networks to error-correction. Deciding whether two graph states are equivalent up to single-qubit Clifford operations is known to be decidable in polynomial time and have been studied both in the context of producing certain required states in a quantum network but also in relation to stabilizer codes. The reason for the latter this… CONTINUE READING


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