Counting for something! Recognising women's contribution to the global economy through alternative accounting systems

  title={Counting for something! Recognising women's contribution to the global economy through alternative accounting systems},
  author={Marilyn J. Waring},
  journal={Gender \& Development},
  pages={35 - 43}
  • M. Waring
  • Published 1 May 2003
  • Economics, Sociology
  • Gender & Development
As a political economist, the focus of my research and activism has always been how economic data can be used to influence public policy. I am very familiar with the technical, logistical and measurement arguments traditionally raised by statisticians or economists in the debates on the collection, presentation and imputations related to gender disaggregated statistics. I also have very little patience with them. This article explains why, in the context of a critique of the United Nations… 
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