Counting BPS Blackholes in Toroidal Type II String Theory

  title={Counting BPS Blackholes in Toroidal Type II String Theory},
  author={Juan Mart́ın Maldacena and Gregory Moore and Andrew Strominger},
We derive a U-duality invariant formula for the degeneracies of BPS multiplets in a D1-D5 system for toroidal compactification of the type II string. The elliptic genus for this system vanishes, but it is found that BPS states can nevertheless be counted using a certain topo-logical partition function involving two insertions of the fermion number operator. This is possible due to four extra toroidal U(1) symmetries arising from a Wigner contraction of a large N = 4 algebra A κ,κ ′ for… CONTINUE READING
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