[Countertransference in schizoid disorders].


Twelve experienced psychoanalysts diagnosed during a depth-psychological examination of 604 patients, coming from two different outpatient institutions, distinct clinical schizoid personality traits of 65 patients (10.7%). A further analysis researched the contribution to patient and therapist bindings and influences on the diagnosis. With the aid of a step by step regressions analysis including "solid" patient and therapist data as well as countertransference reactions of the investigator, we were able to establish an accurate diagnostical model, which enables a correct assignment with the probability of 90%. The most important diagnostic criterion proved to be the countertransference of the investigators. This demonstrates that affective processes from the therapist side-should be assessed as a potent criterion that distinctively increases the validity of the diagnosis.

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@article{Lieberz1997CountertransferenceIS, title={[Countertransference in schizoid disorders].}, author={Klaus Lieberz and Udo Porsch}, journal={Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, medizinische Psychologie}, year={1997}, volume={47 2}, pages={46-51} }