Counterregulatory actions of angiotensin-(1-7).

  title={Counterregulatory actions of angiotensin-(1-7).},
  author={Carlos Maria Ferrario and Mark C. Chappell and E. Ann Tallant and K. Bridget Brosnihan and Debra I. Diz},
  volume={30 3 Pt 2},
Angiotensin (Ang)-(1-7) is a bioactive component of the renin-angiotensin system that is formed endogenously from either Ang I or Ang II. The first actions described for Ang-(1-7) indicated that the peptide mimicked some of the effects of Ang II, including the release of prostanoids and vasopressin. However, Ang-(1-7) is devoid of vasoconstrictor, central pressor, or thirst-stimulating actions. In fact, new findings reveal depressor, vasodilator, and antihypertensive actions that may be more… CONTINUE READING
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