Countermeasureing Zero Day Attacks: Asset-Based Approach


There is no doubt that security issues are on the rise and defense mechanisms are becoming one of the leading subjects for academic and industry experts. In this paper, we focus on the security domain and envision a new way of looking at the security life cycle. We utilize our vision to propose an asset-based approach to countermeasure zero day attacks. To… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/HPCS.2017.129


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@article{Azzedin2017CountermeasureingZD, title={Countermeasureing Zero Day Attacks: Asset-Based Approach}, author={Farag Azzedin and Husam Suwad and Zaid Alyafeai}, journal={2017 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS)}, year={2017}, pages={854-857} }