Counterion condensation and effective charge of poly(styrenesulfonate).

  title={Counterion condensation and effective charge of poly(styrenesulfonate).},
  author={Ute B{\"o}hme and Ulrich Scheler},
  journal={Advances in colloid and interface science},
  volume={158 1-2},
The effective charge of poly(styrenesulfonate) has been investigated by diffusion and electrophoresis nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). While the electrophoretic mobility is determined in the electrophoresis NMR experiment, the hydrodynamic friction is determined from diffusion NMR using Einstein's formula. On the timescale of the NMR experiment a steady state is reached, which results from the force balance between the electric field and the hydrodynamic friction from that the effective charge… CONTINUE READING