Countering piracy through private security in the Horn of Africa: prospects and pitfalls

  title={Countering piracy through private security in the Horn of Africa: prospects and pitfalls},
  author={Ladan Affi and Afyare Abdi Elmi and W Andy Knight and Said Mohamed},
  journal={Third World Quarterly},
  pages={934 - 950}
Abstract Employing secondary research and semi-structured interviews, this article examines the use of private maritime security companies (PMSC) in providing maritime security services in the Horn of Africa. It consists of four parts. The first part explains the origins and development of the use of PMSC in the Horn of Africa. The second section discusses the regulation of the private security industry, paying particular attention to the maritime context. Part three examines the challenges… 
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The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security By Ann Hagedorn New York, Simon & Schuster, 2014 320 pages $28.00 (hardback) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Military historians may someday