Countering compassion fatigue: a requisite nursing agenda.

  title={Countering compassion fatigue: a requisite nursing agenda.},
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  • D. Boyle
  • Published 31 January 2011
  • Psychology
  • Online journal of issues in nursing
Nurses have a longstanding history of witnessing the tragedy experienced by patients and families; however, their own reactions to profound loss and premature death have not been systematically addressed. There is a paucity of research describing interventions to prevent or minimize the ramifications of repeated exposure to traumatic events in the clinical workplace. Compassion fatigue is a contemporary label affixed to the concept of personal vicarious exposure to trauma on a regular basis… 
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout, One Institution's Interventions.
Compassion Fatigue: A Cross-Sectional Study
There is a need to create an instrument specifically designed to measure compassion fatigue in nurses that is sensitive to detect the day to day nuances in their practice that lead to compassion fatigue, and develop interventions to prevent and ameliorate the negative consequences on their health and patient care.
Fatigue: Has It Affected Your Compassion?
The purpose of this article is for the NICU professional to understand compassion fatigue, identify the risk factors, recognize the signs and symptoms, and offer strategies to implement within the NICu environment.
Compassion Fatigue in Pediatric Nurses.
Compassion Fatigue in Cancer Nursing: Limiting the Emotional Cost of Caring
While individual nurses should pay attention to self-care in order to protect themselves from compassion fatigue; nurse managers and hospital administrators should support them by creating a favourable workplace.
Helping nurses cope with grief and compassion fatigue: an educational intervention.
  • D. Houck
  • Medicine, Education
    Clinical journal of oncology nursing
  • 2014
An educational intervention was designed to help nurses develop the coping skills and inner resources necessary to maintain their emotional and physical health.
Grief for pets – Part 2: Avoiding compassion fatigue
ABSTRACT Dealing with clients' distress, especially at euthanasia, is one of the main stressors for veterinary nurses, and it can result in compassion fatigue. There seems to have been little
Reducing compassion fatigue with self-care and mindfulness Pediatric critical care nurses witness profound human suffering. Although they may reap personal satisfaction through the care they provide, repeated exposure to
Burnout or Compassion Fatigue? A Comparative Concept Analysis for Nurses Caring for Patients in High-Stakes Environments
  • F. Wynn
  • Medicine
    International Journal for Human Caring
  • 2020
This comparative concept analysis examines Burnout and compassion fatigue terms using Walker and Avant methodology and adds to the nursing knowledge needed to support nurses in achieving optimal occupational health and well-being.
Professional compassion fatigue: what is the true cost of nurses caring for the dying?
  • C. Melvin
  • Medicine
    International journal of palliative nursing
  • 2012
There are clear physical and emotional health consequences for nurses who provide hospice and palliative care over extended periods of time, and further research is needed into the extent of the problem, specific causes, and coping strategies.