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Counterexamples to strong cosmic censorship in asymptotically flat black hole spacetimes

  title={Counterexamples to strong cosmic censorship in asymptotically flat black hole spacetimes},
  author={Kyriakos Destounis and R. D. B. Fontana and Filipe C. Mena},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
The extendibility of spacetime and the existence of weak solutions to the Einstein field equations beyond Cauchy horizons, is a crucial ingredient to examine the limits of General Relativity. The strong cosmic censorship conjecture serves as a firewall for gravitation by demanding inextendibility of spacetime beyond the Cauchy horizon. For asymptotically flat spacetimes, the predominance of the blueshift instability and the subsequent formation of a mass-inflation singularity at the Cauchy… 
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