Counter-Narratives of Belonging: Rastafari in the Promised Land

  title={Counter-Narratives of Belonging: Rastafari in the Promised Land},
  author={Shelene Gomes},
  journal={The Global South},
  pages={112 - 128}
ABSTRACT:Based on ethnographic fieldwork in the Jamaica Safar or Jamaica neighborhood of urban Shashamane in Ethiopia, this essay explores Rastafari assertions of belonging to Ethiopia. Through the spiritually-motivated migration or "repatriation" of Rastafari from the Caribbean to Ethiopia, this claim of belonging is explored in terms of the everyday and institutional challenges that first- and second-generation Rastafari confront in Shashamane. Situated in the historical conditions of… 
Notes on a Rastafari Yard-Space in Urban Ethiopia
  • Shelene Gomes
  • Sociology
    Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology
  • 2020
Abstract The significance of the yard or household in social reproduction within the diasporic Caribbean is the focus of this essay. I outline how a Rastafari yard-space is shaped through household


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