Counter-Hegemonic Finance: The Gamestop Short Squeeze

  title={Counter-Hegemonic Finance: The Gamestop Short Squeeze},
  author={Usman W. Chohan},
  journal={Financial Crises eJournal},
The events that surrounded the short squeeze of various downtrodden stocks such as Gamestop (GME) allude to a counter-hegemonic financial effort, with small-scale investors pooling in to sabotage the short-positions of large Wall Street players such as hedge funds. This paper frames these events in terms of public reprisal for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and public contempt for insular financial private interest. The discussion suggests that such people-power initiatives, abetted by… 
A Note on GameStop, Short Squeezes, and Autodidactic Herding: An Evolution in Financial Literacy?
This note explores a secondary effect of the GameStop short squeeze event and links the exalted focus of retail investors on meme stocks to financial literacy and autodidacticism. From an overview of
Who Participated in the GameStop Frenzy? Evidence from Brokerage Accounts
In January 2021, the GameStop stock was at the epicenter of the first case of predatory trading initiated by retail investors. In this paper, we use brokerage accounts to study who participated in
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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers the promise of an emergent alternative financial architecture that prioritizes disintermediation and decentralization to empower individuals along cryptoanarchist
Heightened Herd Behavior in Financial Market Under Covid-19
  • Sijin Lyu, Yafan Wang, Mengru Zhang
  • Business, Economics
    Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)
  • 2021
In recent years, the phenomenon of trouping investors, both individual and institutional, has become more frequent and common in China and the U.S., especially under the circumstance of COVID 19,
Reddit’s self-organised bull runs: Social contagion and asset prices*
The dataset of discussions on WallStreetBets, an online investor forum with over nine million followers as of April 2021, is used to show how excitement about trading opportunities can ripple through an investor community with large market impacts.
Self-induced emergence of consensus in social networks: Reddit and the GameStop short squeeze
This work characterises the structure and time evolution of Reddit conversation data, showing that the occurrence and sentiment of GME-related comments (representing how much users are engaged with GME) increased significantly much before the short squeeze actually took place, and introduces a model of opinion dynamics where user engagement can trigger a self-reinforcing mechanism leading to the emergence of consensus on the short squeezing operation.
A History of Dogecoin
The frenzied public interest in cryptocurrencies has meant that, as second-order capital rushes towards the Bitcoin trade, potential investors are also drawn toward alternative currencies that may


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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a heterodox macroeconomic lens that recontextualizes the role of monetary and fiscal policy in sovereign governments that borrow and issue national debt in their own
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The emergence of the cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle has brought the phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) into the spotlight, since they provide rapid access to capital for new
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By 2012, all European Union countries began requiring the disclosure of large short positions. This regime change reduced short interest, bid-ask spreads, and the informativeness of prices. After
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An analysis of overall market data and of individual companies traded on the NYSE, Amex and OTC markets indicates a positive but statistically insignificant relation between changes in short position
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This chapter takes a systematic approach to researching the sustainability of the global digital economy. Stability at the macroeconomic level is accompanied by a ratio of aggregate demand and
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While modern financial theory holds that options values are derived by dynamic replication, they can be correctly valued far more simply by long familiar static and actuarial arguments that combine
GameStop's Gargantuan Gamma Squeeze
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  • 2021