Coumarins of the roots ofFerula iliensis

  title={Coumarins of the roots ofFerula iliensis},
  author={K. B. Bizhanova and Ashraf I. Saidkhodzhaev},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
The mother ethereal solution was concentrated, 30 g of the extract was deposited on a colunm (93 x 4 cm) of silica gel (900 g) and elution was carried out with hexane--ethyl acetate (9:1) and the mixtures of the same solvents with increasing concentrations of ethyl acetate. This yielded four crystalline coumarin derivatives: (II), C24H3o03, mp 60-61°C; (III), C24H3o04, mp 189-190°C; (IV), C24Hso04, mp 78-80°C; (V), C2~H3204, mp 141-142°C.