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Coulomb screening and thermodynamic measurements in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene

  title={Coulomb screening and thermodynamic measurements in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene},
  author={Xiaoxue Liu and Naiyuan James Zhang and K. Watanabe and T. Taniguchi and J.I.A. Li},
The discovery of magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene (tTLG) adds a new twist to the family of graphene moiré. The additional graphene layer unlocks a series of intriguing properties in the superconducting phase, such as the violation of Pauli limit and re-entrant superconductivity at large in-plane magnetic field. In this work, we integrate magic-angle tTLG into a doublelayer structure to study the superconducting phase. Utilizing proximity screening from the adjacent metallic layer, we… 

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