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Coulomb gas sum rules for vortex-pair fluctuations in 2D superfluids

  title={Coulomb gas sum rules for vortex-pair fluctuations in 2D superfluids},
  author={Mingyu Fan and Gary A. Williams and Karla M. Galdamez and C. A. Mcdowell},
Vortex fluctuations above and below the critical Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) transition temperature are characterized using simulations of the 2D XY model. The net winding number of vortices at a given temperature in a circle of radius R is computed as a function of R . The average squared winding number is found to vary linearly with the perimeter of the circle at all temperatures above and below T KT , and the slope with R displays a sharp peak near the specific heat peak, decreasing then to a… 


Exact solution for vortex dynamics in temperature quenches of two-dimensional superfluids.
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