Coulomb energy, remnant symmetry, and the phases of non-Abelian gauge theories

  title={Coulomb energy, remnant symmetry, and the phases of non-Abelian gauge theories},
  author={Jeff Greensite and {\vS}tefan Olejnı́k and Daniel. Zwanziger},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We show that the confining property of the one-gluon propagator, in the Coulomb gauge, is linked to the unbroken realization of a remnant gauge symmetry which exists in this gauge. An order parameter for the remnant gauge symmetry is introduced, and its behavior is investigated in a variety of models via numerical simulations. We find that the color-Coulomb potential, associated with the gluon propagator, grows linearly with distance both in the confined and\char22{}surprisingly\char22{}in the… 
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