Cough detection algorithm for monitoring patient recovery from pulmonary tuberculosis

  title={Cough detection algorithm for monitoring patient recovery from pulmonary tuberculosis},
  author={Brian Tracey and Germ{\'a}n Comina and Sandra Larson and Marjory Bravard and Jose W. Lopez and Robert H. Gilman},
  journal={2011 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society},
In regions of the world where tuberculosis (TB) poses the greatest disease burden, the lack of access to skilled laboratories is a significant problem. A lab-free method for assessing patient recovery during treatment would be of great benefit, particularly for identifying patients who may have drug-resistant tuberculosis. We hypothesize that cough analysis may provide such a test. In this paper we describe algorithm development in support of a pilot study of TB patient coughing. We describe… CONTINUE READING
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