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Cottonseed And Gossypol : Effects On Lactation , Reproduction And Health Of Dairy Cows

  title={Cottonseed And Gossypol : Effects On Lactation , Reproduction And Health Of Dairy Cows},
  author={Jos{\'e} E P Santos and M. Villase{\~n}or and A. Coscioni},
Two major types of cottonseed are available in the southwest US, Upland and Pima. Upland is a high-lint type of cottonseed that is generally fed whole, while Pima is a delinted type of cottonseed that is often fed either cracked or ground to improve nutrient utilization. The nutrient composition of the two types of cottonseed differs, and Pima is often considered nutritionally superior because of its higher fat and protein content. In addition, Pima cottonseed contains more gossypol than whole… Expand

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Increasing dietary levels of cracked pima cottonseed increase plasma gossypol but do not influence productive performance of lactating Holstein cows.
Although the highest dietary inclusion level of Pima cottonseed numerically depressed performance of cows of both parities, these differences failed to reach statistical significance in these short-term trials with few cows. Expand
A review of the nutritive value and utilization of whole cottonseed, cottonseed meal and associated by-products by dairy cattle☆
A review of literature showed that although the feeding of whole cottonseed to cattle is not new, an appreciation of its special nutritive properties for high-yielding dairy cows is recent, and gossypol toxicity and mycotoxin contaminations are potential hazards from feeding WCS and CSM. Expand
Whole cottonseed in dairy cattle feeding: a review
Processing, and especially heat treatment of WCS may aid in providing more non-rumen degraded fat and CP from WCS to the small intestine, and reducing WCS particle size and NaOH treatment may also improve overall WCS digestibility. Expand
Reproductive effects of feeding gossypol and vitamin E to bulls.
Long-term feeding of gossypol to Holstein bulls negatively affected some reproductive traits; however, vitamin E supplementation countered these adverse effects and even improved these traits. Expand
Comparison of digestibility, nutritive value, and storage characteristics of different forms of cottonseed in diets fed to lactating dairy cows.
Thirty-two Holstein cows averaging 70 d postpartum were used to compare digestibility of whole short staple cottonseed (SS) to whole Pima (WP), coarsely cracked Pima (CrP), and ground Pima (GP)Expand
Influence of variety and storage for up to 22 days on nutrient composition and gossypol level of Pima cottonseed (Gossypium spp.)
Abstract Four varieties of Pima cottonseed ( Gossypium spp.; HTO, PHY 57, S-6 and S-7) were collected from 10 cotton gins located in the southwest USA during the fall of 1999 to determine the extentExpand
Characteristics of digestion of linted and lint-free cottonseed in diets for feedlot cattle.
  • R. Zinn
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of animal science
  • 1995
It is concluded that the energy value of lint-free Pima cottonseed is similar to that of lINTed varieties provided that it is ground before feeding, however, grinding will increase ruminal N degradability 20%. Expand
Performance of dairy cows fed short staple, Pima, and cracked Pima cottonseed and feed characteristics.
Compared with short staple cottonseed, Pima cottonseed was higher in CP, ether extract, and oleic acid and lower in NDF, ADF, and linoleic acid, and total tract digestibility of ADF was least on the cracked Pima Cottonseed diet, and ether extract digestibility was higher on cracked than on whole Pima textile diets. Expand
Effects of gossypol and cottonseed products on reproduction of mammals.
The antifertility effect observed in many nonruminant species is overshadowed by toxic effects, particularly in females, and in ruminant males fed diets containing gossypol, ejaculated sperm appears normal under light microscopy. Expand
Effect of lint on whole cottonseed passage and digestibility and diet choice on intake of whole cottonseed by Holstein cows.
The large variation in each choice situation suggests it is desirable to blend cottonseed with other ingredients to ensure more uniform consumption. Expand