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Cotton Leaf Spot Diseases Detection Utilizing Feature Selection with Skew Divergence Method

  title={Cotton Leaf Spot Diseases Detection Utilizing Feature Selection with Skew Divergence Method},
  author={P. B. Revathi and M. Hemalatha},
  journal={International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology},
  • P. Revathi, M. Hemalatha
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology
This research work exposes the novel approach of analysis at existing works based on machine vision system for the identification of the visual symptoms of Cotton crop diseases, from RGB images. Diseases regions of cotton crops are revealed in digital pictures, Which were amended and segmented. In this work Proposed Enhanced PSO feature selection method adopts Skew divergence method and user features like Edge, Color, Texture variances to extract the features. Set of features was extracted from… 

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