Cotransport of phosphate and sodium by yeast.

  title={Cotransport of phosphate and sodium by yeast.},
  author={Godfried M. Roomans and F. Blasco and G. W. F. H. Borst-Pauwels},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={467 1},
Phosphate uptake by yeast at pH 7.2 is mediated by two mechanisms, one of which has a Km of 30 micronM and is independent of sodium, and a sodium-dependent mechanism with a Km of 0.6 micronM, both Km values with respect to monovalent phosphate. The sodium-dependent mechanism has two sites with affinity for Na+, with affinity constants of 0.04 and 29 mM. Also lithium enhances phosphate uptake; the affinity constants for lithium are 0.3 and 36 mM. Other alkali ions do not stimulate phosphate… CONTINUE READING

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