Cost of traffic congestion in Dhaka Metropolitan City

  title={Cost of traffic congestion in Dhaka Metropolitan City},
  author={Mohammed Ziaul Haider and Rabeya Sultana Papri},
  journal={Public Transp.},
This study attempts to estimate the cost of traffic congestion in Dhaka Metropolitan City of Bangladesh through collecting field level primary data. Traffic congestion is an important issue in the city. The study findings indicate that most of the commuters in the city travel more than 2 h/day. The calculated travel-related indices indicate that the commuters in the city have to spend more time on the road compared to an uncongested situation. They lose about one working hour per day on an… 


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User Response – Based Sustainable Solutions to Traffic Congestion Problem using Public Transport: The Case of Uttara, Dhaka
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  • Economics
    Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences
  • 2018
For a country of millions, traffic congestion significantly reduces the economic productivity. This statement holds true for most urban areas of the world, especially Dhaka, the mega-city of