Cost of Voting in the American States: 2020

  title={Cost of Voting in the American States: 2020},
  author={Scott Schraufnagel and Michael J. Pomante II and Quan Li},
The ease of voting across the United States is constantly changing. This research updates work which established the relative “cost of voting” during presidential election cycles, in each of the 50... 
Challenges to Subnational Democracy in the United States, Past and Present
  • R. Mickey
  • Political Science, Sociology
    The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • 2022
After a half century of stable performance, American democracy is now under threat. The threat emerged from nationalized party competition, but it is made manifest largely in the actions of
Political Voice and (Mortgage) Market Participation: Evidence from Minority Disenfranchisement
This paper documents the link between political voice and economic decision-making. Combining the repeal of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act as a shock to the enfranchisement of black Americans
Is Voting Really Habit-Forming and Transformative? Long-Run Effects of Earlier Eligibility on Turnout and Political Involvement from the UK
Habit formation theory and the transformative voting hypothesis both imply that voting has downstream consequences for turnout and political involvement. Although several studies have applied causal


Cost of Voting in the American States
This research uses principal component analysis and information on 33 different state election laws, assembled in seven different issue areas, to create a Cost of Voting Index (COVI) for elections in the United States.
American All-Mail Balloting: A Decade's Experience
Many roots of American public administration are found in political and electoral reform. Its early developments were not based on theory but had their genesis in issue-by-issue situations. Electoral