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Cost-of-Illness Studies — A Primer January 2006

  title={Cost-of-Illness Studies — A Primer January 2006},
  author={Joel E. Segel}
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The economics of type 2 diabetes in middle-income countries
A considerable economic burden of diabetes in middle-income countries is identified and several inequities affecting women, the poor and the uninsured are uncovered, including gender-based disparities in wages and working hours.
Développement d’outils de plaidoyer pour la lutte contre le diabète de type 2 en Afrique subsaharienne à partir de l’estimation des coûts de l’inaction et de l’action
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Utilizing the Risk Reduction Effectiveness and Capabilities Assessment Program to emphasize emergency response capabilities from a food terrorism attack
A predictive system was developed and tested in a series of exercises and showed that RRECAP was an inexpensive and effective way for agencies to identify and prioritize their advance preparation to effectively mitigate food terrorism attacks.
The price of pain: the economics of chronic adolescent pain.
It is well established that economic costs due to adult chronic pain are considerable, but the economic burden of chronic adolescent pain is largely unknown.
Economic Impact Of Drug-Related Morbidity In Sweden.
  • H. Gyllensten
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    Value in health : the journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
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Economic costs of cigarette smoking among adolescents in Nigeria
The estimated economic costs of smoking were very high and efforts to prevent smoking initiation among adolescents in the study area should be intensified.
Cost of Illness of Water-borne Diseases: A Case Study of Quetta
The results show that among others, the incidence and financial burden of water borne disease is more intense on low income group as they borne comparatively higher cost of illness as proportion of their total income.
Economic Impact of Adverse Drug Events – A Retrospective Population-Based Cohort Study of 4970 Adults
Healthcare costs for patients with ADEs are substantial across different settings; in primary care, other outpatient care and inpatient care, and the economic impact of ADEs will be underestimated in studies focusing on inpatient ADEs alone.


Evaluation of Life and Limb: A Theoretical Approach
  • E. Mishan
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    Journal of Political Economy
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None of the existing methods of evaluating loss or saving life, or assessing an increase or reduction in accidents resulting from investment projects, is satisfactory for a number of reasons. This is
What Determines the Value of Life: A Meta‐Analysis
A large literature has developed in which labor market contracts are used to estimate the value of a statistical life (VSL). Reported estimates of the VSL vary substantially, from less than $100,000
Annual Costs of Illness versus Lifetime Costs of Illness and Implications of Structural Change
Although conceptually quite distinct, lifetime costs are frequently estimated from current cross-section profiles of costs for patients at various stages in the disease process and may be derived directly from annual costs using fewer data and with little loss in accuracy.
Measures of Disease Incidence Used in Epidemiologic Research
This paper distinguishes between 2 concepts for measuring the incidence of disease: risk and rate, and an attempt is made to integrate statistical principles with epidemiologic methods while minimizing the use of higher mathematics.
This report contains the results of the study evaluated the magnitude of the impact of injury on individuals, government programs, and society at large in terms of economic cost and of the effects of Injury on people's lives.
Deriving Occupational Fatal Injury Costs : A State Pilot Study
A pilot study tested an effort to develop accurate, timely, and readily available State-based estimates of the costs associated with fatal occupational injuries; it found that such estimates would
Handling uncertainty in economic evaluation
It is increasingly common to find the results of economic evaluations that report results in terms of cost per life year or cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) grouped together for comparison
Estimating the economic costs of the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs: a review of methodologies and Canadian data sources.
This review paper provides a list of previous cost studies of substance abuse, compares the cost categories considered by various methodologies and describes an inventory of data sources for obtaining relevant information for cost studies.
Cost-of-illness methodology: a guide to current practices and procedures.
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    The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly. Health and society
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Estimates of the costs of illness and disease are produced and used in cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses and in other modes to set priorities and make government policy decisions, to prepare and deliver congressional testimony, and to support agency budgets.