Cost-effectiveness of Vegetation Biophysical Parameters Retrieval from Remote Sensing Data


Due to the availability of hyperspectral and multiangular high-resolution sensors on board of new air and space platforms, Earth Observation (EO) imagery, today available , is rich of information in both spectral and spatial domains. In the context of vegetation studies E.O. data have been extensively used to retrieve biophysical parameters of land surface. In some cases, thanks to the availability of near-real-time data, tools and applications have been developed and implemented in the fields of precision agriculture, water resources monitoring and management. So far, empirical approaches based on vegetation indices (VIs) have been successfully applied. They may provide a satisfactory level of accuracy in the estimation of important vegetation biophysical parameters (e.g. LAI, fractional ground cover, biomass, etc). Such methods, however, require a reliable reference data-set to calibrate empirical formulas on different vegetation types; furthermore, they are generally based on a few spectral bands, with a consistent under-exploitation of the full spectral range available in new generation sensors. Diversely, alternative approaches based on inversion of radiative transfer models of vegetation represent a challenging opportunity for the estimation of vegetation parameters from data with high dimensionality (both in the spectral and the angular domains) and in principle they do not require reference data for calibration purposes; on the other hand, they are often very demanding on the computational side and on the level of parameterization required. This work evaluates the effectiveness, in terms of accuracy and computational complexity, for retrieving the Leaf Area Index either by means of empirical relationships, such as the simple CLAIR model proposed by Clevers (1989) and based on the Weighted Differences Vegetation Index (WDVI),

DOI: 10.1109/IGARSS.2006.504

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