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Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Antiepidemic Policies and Global Situation Assessment of COVID-19

  title={Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Antiepidemic Policies and Global Situation Assessment of COVID-19},
  author={Liyan Xu and Hongmou Zhang and Yu-hai Deng and K. Wang and F. Li and Q. Lu and Jie Yin and Q. Di and T. Liu and H. Yin and Zijiao Zhang and Qingyang Du and Hong-bin Yu and Aihan Liu and Hezhishi Jiang and Jin-tang Guo and X. Yuan and Y. Zhang and Liu Liu and Y. Liu},
  journal={arXiv: Physics and Society},
With a two-layer contact-dispersion model and data in China, we analyze the cost-effectiveness of three types of antiepidemic measures for COVID-19: regular epidemiological control, local social interaction control, and inter-city travel restriction. We find that: 1) intercity travel restriction has minimal or even negative effect compared to the other two at the national level; 2) the time of reaching turning point is independent of the current number of cases, and only related to the… Expand

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