Cost-based optimization in DB2 XML

  title={Cost-based optimization in DB2 XML},
  author={Andrey Balmin and Tom Eliaz and John Hornibrook and Lipyeow Lim and Guy M. Lohman and David E. Simmen and Min Wang and Chun Zhang},
  journal={IBM Systems Journal},
A. Balmin T. Eliaz J. Hornibrook L. Lim G. M. Lohman D. Simmen M. Wang C. Zhang DB2 XML is a hybrid database system that combines the relational capabilities of DB2 Universal Databasee (UDB) with comprehensive native XML support. DB2 XML augments DB2t UDB with a native XML store, XML indexes, and query processing capabilities for both XQuery and SQL/XML that are integrated with those of SQL. This paper presents the extensions made to the DB2 UDB compiler, and especially its costbased query… CONTINUE READING
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