Cost analysis in laccase production.


In this paper the cost of producing the enzyme laccase by the white-rot fungus Trametes pubescens under both submerged (SmF) and solid-state fermentation (SSF) conditions was studied. The fungus was cultured using more than 45 culture medium compositions. The cost of production was estimated by analyzing the cost of the culture medium, the cost of equipment and the operating costs. The cost of the culture medium represented, in all cases, the highest contribution to the total cost, while, the cost of equipment was significantly low, representing less than 2% of the total costs. The cultivation under SSF conditions presented a final cost 50-fold lower than the one obtained when culturing under SmF conditions at flask scale. In addition, the laccase production under SSF conditions in tray bioreactors reduced the final cost 4-fold compared to the one obtained under SSF conditions at flask scale, obtaining a final price of 0.04 cent €/U.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2011.06.052

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