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Cost Optimisation of an Instrument Suite at an Accelerator-Driven Spallation Source

  title={Cost Optimisation of an Instrument Suite at an Accelerator-Driven Spallation Source},
  author={Phillip M Bentley and Carolin Zendler and Oliver Kirstein},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
This artcile presents an optimisation of performance and cost of neutron scattering instrumentation at the European Spallation Source. This is done by trading detailed cost functions against beam transmission functions in a multi-dimensional, yet simple, parameter space. On the one hand, the neutron guide cost increases as a power of the desired beam divergence, and inversely with the minimum wavelength, due to the supermirror coating needed. On the other hand, the more neutrons are transported… 

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Acceptance diagrams for curved neutron guides

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Historic harmonised inflation Europe -HICP inflation

    PERT Estimation Technique

      We are also extremely grateful for the feedback given at various ESS project reviews on this work

        Useful discussions with the rest of the Neutron Optics and Shielding Group during 2013-2014 were invaluable

          The requirement is actually 3µSv/h. A factor of 2 between simulated dose rate and actual requirement is used to compensate for discrepancies between computer models and engineering designs