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Cost-Effective Network-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval

  title={Cost-Effective Network-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval},
  author={D. Velthausz},
ion hypernym avg., min., max. avg., min., max. The decision what property aggregation method (feature aggregation, concept aggregation, or a combination) and what aggregation operator to use depends, among others, on the domain and the type of the information objects involved. For example, the identity of a player in a video shot information object can be aggregated using the extracted player identities of the individual frames (based on the back number and the line-up attribute). In this… Expand
Incremental maintenance of indexes to digital media warehouses Windhouwer
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State-of-the-art for entity-centric repository and authoring environment for multimedia
The state-of-the-art of entity-centric approaches for multimedia indexing and retrieval, and the possibility of potential extension of this environment for entity-based multimedia authoring are discussed. Expand
Cognition in Context - The effect of information and communication support on task performance of distributed professionals
Mobile collaboration is emerging. Developments in technological and business areas provide opportunities for innovative applications and new ways of working. Mobile applications have possibilities toExpand
This thesis presents a method for the development of distributed geo-information systems. The method is organised around the design principles of modularity, reuse and replaceability. The methodExpand
Dutch Speech Recognition in Multimedia Information Retrieval
This thesis demonstrates the use of a Dutch LVCSR in SDR by providing an illustrative example of an SDR evaluation given a collection of Dutch broadcast news shows and investigates whether splitting Dutch compound words could be a remedy for the relatively limited coverage of vocabularies, so that ASR performance could be improved. Expand
Feature grammar systems. Incremental maintenance of indexes to digital media warehouses
This paper aims to provide a history of parsing algorithms and procedures used in the development of parseragnostic systems for knowledge representation in the contexts of knowledge representation and retrieval. Expand
Content independence in multimedia databases
The role of data management in multimedia digital libraries, and its implications for the design of database management systems are investigated, and the notions of content abstraction and content independence are introduced. Expand
Multimedia information services enabling: an architectural approach
A scalable and extendable architecture consisting of the essential building blocks for multimedia information services, together with their interdependencies, and more detail on the 3-level modeling and querying of multimedia data is presented. Expand
In recent years, research in video databases has increased greatly, but relatively little work has been done in the area of semantic content-based retrieval. In this paper, we present a framework forExpand
A Framework for Video Modeling
A framework for video modelling with emphasis on semantic content of video data, which supports automatic definition of high-level concepts, such as video objects and events, based on extracted features, is presented. Expand


Advances in Information Technologies: The Business Challenge
In order for companies to prosper, they must remain aware of advances in information technology and appreciate the implications if they are to be ready to spot the opportunities and react quickly.Expand
Multimedia Information Retrieval Framework: From Theory to Practice
The ADMIRE framework applied in this paper satisfies both criteria for content-based retrieval andExtensibility and flexibility of data models, and is shown in two practical cases in the field of clinical assessments of measurement data and video directory services. Expand
Visual information retrieval
1. Visual Information Retrieval 2. Image Retrieval by Color Similarity 3. Image Retrieval by Texture Similarity 4. Image Retrieval by Shape Similarity 5. Image Retrieval by Spatial Relationships 6.Expand
A comprehensive overview of cost-effective networked based multimedia information disclosure
  • Telematica Instituut Report,
  • 1998
EU-NSF Working Group on Resource Indexing and Discovery in a Globally Distributed Digital Library
  • In ECRIM News, No
  • 1998
Hypertext information retrieval for the Web
This document presents a brief summary of the papers presented at a workshop as part of SIGIR'98 on Hypertext Information Retrieval for the Web, along with a set of themes identified as a result of group discussion and some conclusions on where to go next. Expand
MPEG-7 Requirements Document
  • Doc. ISO/MPEG N2083, MPEG San Jose Meeting, February
  • 1998
Modeling and Retrieving Audiovisual Information: A Soccer Video Retrieval System
The paper presents a general framework for modeling multimedia information (ADMIRE) and discusses the application of this framework to the specific area of soccer video clips and the experiences with the implementation of the methods and techniques within the ADMIRE framework using a collection of commercially available tools. Expand
Modelling and Retrieving Audiovisual Information: A Soccer Video Retrieval System. Accepted for the Fourth International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems, MIS'98
  • Modelling and Retrieving Audiovisual Information: A Soccer Video Retrieval System. Accepted for the Fourth International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems, MIS'98
  • 1998
Modelling and authoring hypermedia documents