Cost Analysis of Solar/Wind/Diesel Hybrid Energy Systems for Telecom Tower by Using HOMER

  title={Cost Analysis of Solar/Wind/Diesel Hybrid Energy Systems for Telecom Tower by Using HOMER},
  author={Sonali Goel and Sayed Majid Ali},
  journal={International Journal of Renewable Energy Research},
  • S. Goel, S. M. Ali
  • Published 20 June 2014
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
Hybrid energy systems such solar and wind energy in combination with diesel generator can be applied successfully in areas where grid connection is not available or considered uneconomical. Their costs can be minimized through proper equipment sizing and load matching. This study represents the cost analysis of various models of hybrid systems for powering a remote area telecom tower located at an island village Barakolikhola (Latitude 20 0 33' N and Longitude 86 0 73' E) of Kendrapara district… 

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