Cossuridae (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sedentaria) from Australian and adjacent waters: the first faunistic survey

  title={Cossuridae (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sedentaria) from Australian and adjacent waters: the first faunistic survey},
  author={Anna E. Zhadan},
  journal={Records of The Australian Museum},
  • A. Zhadan
  • Published 11 February 2015
  • Geography
  • Records of The Australian Museum
The collection of Cossuridae at the Australian Museum was investigated. Nine species were identified. Most specimens were from New South Wales and Queensland, but some specimens were also from Victoria, New Zealand, Fiji, Borneo, and the Philippines. Three new species were described: Cossura hutchingsae n.sp., C. keablei n.sp., and C. queenslandensis n.sp. Cossura consimilis Read, 2000 was redescribed using non-type material. Cossura aciculata (Wu & Chen, 1977) was identified from the coast of… 
Two new species of Cossura (Cossuridae, Annelida) from the terminal lobes of the Congo River deep-sea fan
  • A. Zhadan
  • Biology
    Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
  • 2017
Two new species of Cossura Webster & Benedict, 1887 were found in material collected during sampling from the terminal lobes of the Congo deep-sea fan. They were described using light and scanning
Still Digging: Advances and Perspectives in the Study of the Diversity of Several Sedentarian Annelid Families
Sedentarian annelids are a diverse and heterogeneous group of marine worms representing more than 8600 species gathered in ca. 43 families. The attention brought to these organisms is unevenly
Cossura yacy sp. nov. (Cossuridae, Annelida) from a tropical Brazilian estuary
1. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Oceanografia, Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Cidade Universitária Paulo VI, Tirirical, 65055-970 São Luís, MA, Brasil.
Iheringia, Série Zoologia
Fragmentation of natural vegetation often implies a reduction in local species richness and abundance. The resources used by bees and wasps for feeding and nesting are distributed quite irregularly
Exploring the anatomy of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida, Cossuridae) using micro-computed tomography, with special emphasis on gut architecture
The anatomy of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida; Cossuridae) is presented, based on the study of specimens collected during the BIOICE project in Icelandic waters and additional material
Nueva descripción de Cossura chilensis Hartmann-Schröder, 1965 (Polychaeta: Cossuridae), de la Bahía de Valparaíso, Chile central con notas de su ecología
The aim of this research was to made a new description of the species in a detailed way from entire specimens using Scanning Electronic Microscopy.


Taxonomy of polychaetes from the Hawkesbury River and the southern estuaries of New South Wales, Australia
The polychaete fauna of the Hawkesbury River and some other estuarine areas in central and southern New South Wales is described. The majority of material comes from Merimbula, Jervis Bay, Port
Polychaetous annelids of the Indian Ocean including an account of species collected by members of the International Indian Ocean Expeditions, 1963-64 and a catalogue and bibliography of the species from India
The benthic polychaetous annelids collected from the Indian Ocean by scientists participating in the International Indian Ocean Expedition, 1963-64, are named; 244 specific categories are indicated
Se describe una nueva especie de poliqueto perteneciente a la familia Cossuridae de Venezuela. La principal caracteristica de Cossura ginesi, nueva especie, es la presencia de cuernos laterales bien
Three-dimensional reconstruction of the musculature of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida: Cossuridae)
The musculature of C. pygodactylata includes some elements that are homologous with similar muscular components in other polychaetes and several unique features, mostly at the anterior end.
Redescription and biology of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Polychaeta: Cossuridae) in the White Sea
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Family Cossuridae Day, 1963
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Family Cossuridae
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