Cosmopolitan Taste

  title={Cosmopolitan Taste},
  author={Anton Pujol},
  journal={Food, Culture \& Society},
  pages={437 - 455}
  • Anton Pujol
  • Published 1 December 2009
  • History
  • Food, Culture & Society
Abstract It is rare that a gastronomical debate turns into a media sensation. However, that is exactly what happened during the summer of 2008 when Catalan chef Santi Santamaria criticized his rivals for the use of “suspect materials” in their food preparations and for creating “dishes that our parents would never have served us,” while reclaiming “traditional and artisan” cuisine. During the endless diatribes, the opposition between traditional Catalan cuisine and molecular or techno-emotional… 
The training and creativity of professional chefs: Stoking the imagination in global gastronomic discourse
  • Leo Pang
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • 2017
It is suggested that chefs play a crucial role in providing the content that fuels gastronomic discourses and also in delivering the experiences of the discourse on the plate to diners.
The unity and diversity of La olla podrida: an autochthonous model of Spanish culinary nationalism
Penning their gastronomic texts at the same time that the Spanish nation was being written into existence in laws, literature and history (see Labanyi 1–28), Spain's pioneering gastronomes debated
Serving Resistance on the Menu: The Cultural Politics of Filipino Cuisine in Winnipeg and Ottawa
This thesis explores the cultural politics of Filipino cuisine in Canada. Filipinos are the fourth largest visible minority group in Canada yet their cuisine remains underrepresented in the Canadian
Food Fixations
Abstract In this article, I engage the culturally prevalent contemporary discourse in the United States around “good” foods—broadly understood as whole, organic, slow and local—within the broader
From commercial to cultural: The role of the festival “Firatast una fira boníssima” in the promotion and appreciation of Catalan cuisine
Abstract The article presents a study on the profile of the visiting public to the 23a Firatast Una fira boníssima and perceptions regarding its organization, and the gastronomic and cultural
Star Chefs and the Table: From Restaurant to Home-Based Culinary Experiences
ABSTRACT Celebrity chefs have played a huge social and cultural role during the last decades and they are often compared to rock stars. They perform own restaurant-destinations where a unique
Cuisine: a new concept for analysing tourism-agriculture linkages?
ABSTRACT Linking food producers and tourism for the benefit of local communities in developing countries has been on the research agenda since the early 1980s. Scholars have elaborated on why
The role of a high-quality restaurant in stimulating the creation and development of gastronomy tourism
Abstract The aim of this research is to determine the role played by a Michelin-starred restaurant, such as El Celler de Can Roca, in stimulating the creation and development of gastronomy tourism
Food tourism in rural areas: the case of cheese in Vall de Boí, a World Heritage Site
Food tourism is a type of tourism that over recent years has been achieving a greater interest by academics and tourism professionals, and evidently also as a tourist motivation. The framework of the
Bibliography "Food as Heritage"
The following bibliography is conceived as a selection of international literature on food as heritage and as a marker of identity within the huge amount of works recently produced on the topic of


Trying to Be Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitanism is often heralded as a cultural orientation ideally suited to the sociocultural and economic complexities emanating from the accelerating pace of globalization. In this study, we
Gastronomy or Geology? The Role of Nationalism in the Reconstruction of Nations
Abstract. This article considers the debate that has recently developed in studies of nationalism between those scholars who see the nation as a modern and constantly changing construction ex nihilo
La promoción de un concepto de ciudadanía identificado con un tono de permanente
  • 2007
Of Gastronomes and Guides
  • The Taste Culture Reader. Experiencing Food and Drink
  • 2005
put Catalunya on the epicurean map show that their craft is a far cry from the food that regular tourists crave. The tapas phenomenon is not a Catalan tradition per se. Greg Richards
  • Tourism and Gastronomy
  • 2002
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