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Cosmopolitan Communications: Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World

  title={Cosmopolitan Communications: Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World},
  author={Pippa Norris and Ronald F. Inglehart},
Introduction: 1. Is cultural diversity under threat? 2. Theoretical framework Part I. Firewalls: 3. Markets 4. Poverty 5. Classifying societies Part II. Consequences: 6. Citizens: nation and cosmopolitan identities 7. Consumers: economic values 8. Morality: traditional values, gender equality, and sexuality 9. Activists: support for democracy, self-expression values, and human rights Part III. Conclusions: 10. Cultural convergence over time? 11. The implications for cultural policies Technical… Expand
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The Noisy Counter-Revolution :
The article argues for a cultural turn in the study of populist politics in Europe. Integrating insights from three fields— political sociology, political psychology, and media studies—a new,Expand
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Attitudes towards globalization and cosmopolitanism: cultural diversity, personal consumption and the national economy.
Using data from a representative social survey of Australians, this paper investigates the negotiation of belonging under the conditions of globalization and shows how cosmopolitan outlooks are shaped by social structural factors, and how forms of identification with humanity and the globe are fractured by boundaries of self and others, threats and opportunities, and the value of things global and local. Expand
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