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Cosmology of an Axion-Like Majoron

  title={Cosmology of an Axion-Like Majoron},
  author={Antonio J. Cuesta and Mario E. G'omez and Jos'e Ignacio Illana and M. Masip},
We propose a singlet majoron model that defines an inverse seesaw mechanism in the ν sector. The majoron φ has a mass mφ ≈ 0.5 eV and a coupling to the τ lepton similar to the one to neutrinos. In the early universe it is initially in thermal equilibrium, then it decouples at T ≈ 500 GeV and contributes with just ∆Neff = 0.026 during BBN. At T = 26 keV (final stages of BBN) a primordial magnetic field induces resonant γ ↔ φ oscillations that transfer 6% of the photon energy into majorons… Expand

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