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Cosmological model insensitivity of local $H_0$ from the Cepheid distance ladder

  title={Cosmological model insensitivity of local \$H_0\$ from the Cepheid distance ladder},
  author={Suhail Dhawan and D. Brout and Daniel M. Scolnic and Ariel Goobar and A. G. Riess and V. Miranda},
  • Suhail Dhawan, D. Brout, +3 authors V. Miranda
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • The observed tension ($\sim 9\%$ difference) between the local distance ladder measurement of the Hubble constant, $H_0$, and its value inferred from the cosmic microwave background (CMB) could hint at new, exotic, cosmological physics. We test the impact of the assumption about the expansion history of the universe ($0.01<z<2.3$) on the local distance ladder estimate of $H_0$. In the fiducial analysis, the Hubble flow Type Ia supernova (SN~Ia) sample is truncated to $z < 0.15$ and the… CONTINUE READING

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