Cosmological magnetic fields from primordial helicity

  title={Cosmological magnetic fields from primordial helicity},
  author={George B. Field and S. Carroll},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Primordial magnetic fields may account for all or part of the fields observed in galaxies. We consider the evolution of the magnetic fields created by pseudoscalar effects in the early universe. Such processes can create force-free fields of maximal helicity; we show that for such a field magnetic energy inverse cascades to larger scales than it would have solely by flux freezing and cosmic expansion. For fields generated at the electroweak phase transition, we find that the predicted… 
Cosmological magnetic fields from primordial helical seeds
Most early Universe scenarios predict negligible magnetic fields on cosmological scales if they are unprocessed during subsequent expansion of the Universe. We present a new numerical treatment of
Role of cosmological magnetic field and cosmological magnetic helicity for astrophysics is considered. We discuss possible mechanisms for cosmological magnetic field production in the early universe
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The coupling between a primordial magnetic field and the cosmic axion field generates a helical component of the magnetic field around the time in which the axion starts to oscillate. If the energy
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The magnetic helicity has paramount significance in the nonlinear saturation of the galactic dynamo. We argue that magnetic helicity conservation is violated at the lepton stage in the evolution of
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Primordial magnetic field generated in the inflationary era can act as a viable source for the present day intergalactic magnetic field of sufficient strength. We present a fundamental origin for
Detection of magnetic helicity
Magnetic fields in various astrophysical settings may be helical and, in the cosmological context, may provide a measure of primordial CP violation during baryogenesis. Yet it is difficult, even in
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We present the first cosmological simulations of primordial magnetic fields derived from the constraints by the Cosmic Microwave Background observations, based on the fields’ gravitational effect
Evolution of Primordial Magnetic Fields from Phase Transitions
We consider the evolution of primordial magnetic fields generated during cosmological, electroweak or QCD, phase transitions. We assume that the magnetic field generation can be described as an
The cosmic microwave background temperature bispectrum from scalar perturbations induced by primordial magnetic fields
We evaluate the angular bispectrum of the CMB temperature anisotropy at large angular scale due to a stochastic background of primordial magnetic fields. The shape of non-Gaussianity depends on the


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