Cosmological Magnetic Fields: Their Generation, Evolution and Observation

  title={Cosmological Magnetic Fields: Their Generation, Evolution and Observation},
  author={R.Durrer and A.Neronov},
We review the possible mechanisms for the generation of cosmological magnetic fields, discuss their evolution in an expanding Universe filled with the cosmic plasma and provide a critical review of the literature on the subject. We put special emphasis on the prospects for observational tests of the proposed cosmological magnetogenesis scenarios using radio and gammaray astronomy and ultra high energy cosmic rays. We argue that primordial magnetic fields are observationally testable. They lead… 

Magnetic Fields in the Universe

The origin and maintenance of large scale magnetic fields in the Universe is discussed. A popular idea is that cosmic batteries generate seed magnetic fields which were amplified by magnetic

Testing the origin of cosmological magnetic fields through the large-scale structure consistency relations

We study the symmetries of the post-recombination cosmological magnetohydrodynamical equations which describe the evolution of dark matter, baryons and magnetic fields in a self-consistent way. This

On the measurement of the helicity of intergalactic magnetic fields using ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

The origin of the first magnetic fields in the Universe is a standing problem in cosmology. Intergalactic magnetic fields (IGMFs) may be an untapped window to the primeval Universe, providing further

The primordial magnetic field in our cosmic backyard

We reconstruct for the first time the three dimensional structure of magnetic fields on cosmological scales, which were seeded by density perturbations during the radiation dominated epoch of the

Spontaneous magnetization of collisionless plasma

Significance Astronomical observations indicate that dynamically important magnetic fields are ubiquitous in the Universe, while their origin remains a profound mystery. This work provides a paradigm

Cosmological Features of Primordial Magnetic Fields

Recently, it has been found that our Universe holds magnetic fields in almost all scales probed so far. The fields in galaxies and galaxy clusters have strength of a few μGauss and they are

Simulations of galactic dynamos

We review our current understanding of galactic dynamo theory, paying particular attention to numerical simulations both of the mean-field equations and the original three-dimensional equations

Primordial Magnetic Fields and the CMB

The origin of large-scale magnetic fields is one of the most puzzling topics in cosmology and astrophysics. It is assumed that the observed magnetic fields result from the amplification of an initial

The amplification of cosmological magnetic fields in extended f(T,B) teleparallel gravity

Observations indicate that intergalactic magnetic fields have amplitudes of the order of ∼ 10-6 G and are uniform on scales of ∼ 10 kpc. Despite their wide presence in the Universe, their origin



The origin of cosmic magnetic fields ∗

In this talk, I review a number of particle-physics models that lead to the creation of magnetic fields in the early universe and address the complex problem of evolving such primordial magnetic

The First Magnetic Fields

We review current ideas on the origin of galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields. We begin by summarizing observations of magnetic fields at cosmological redshifts and on cosmological scales.

Massive neutrinos and magnetic fields in the early universe

Primordial magnetic fields and massive neutrinos can leave an interesting signal in the CMB temperature and polarization. We perform a systematic analysis of general perturbations in the

Magnetic Fields in Galaxies

  • E. Zweibel
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
  • 2010
Abstract The origin and evolution of magnetic fields in the Universe is a cosmological problem. Although exotic mechanisms for magneotgenesis cannot be ruled out, galactic magnetic fields could have

Galactic Magnetism: Recent developments and perspectives

▪ Abstract We discuss current observational and theoretical knowledge of magnetic fields, especially the large-scale structure in the disks and halos of spiral galaxies. Among other topics, we

Cosmology with inhomogeneous magnetic fields

Extragalactic Magnetic Field and the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays

The strength and spectrum of the extragalactic magnetic field (EGMF) are still unknown. Its measurement would help answer the question of whether galactic fields are purely a primordial relic or

Primordial magnetogenesis

The Search for a Primordial Magnetic Field

Large scale magnetic fields from gravitationally coupled electrodynamics

The generation of primordial magnetic seed fields during inflation is studied in a theory derived from the one-loop vacuum polarization effective action of the photon in a curved background. This