Cosmogenic Stable Isotope Effects in Carbo

  title={Cosmogenic Stable Isotope Effects in Carbo},
  author={Liping Qin and Nicolas Dauphas},
Introduction: The 182 Hf– 182 W decay system (t 1/2 =9 My) is useful to date early Solar System processes, notably metal-silicate differentiation [1-10]. Hf-W systematics of refractory inclusions indicate that these objects formed with an initial 182 Hf/ 180 Hf ratio of ~1×10-4 and ε 182 W of –3.47 ± 0.20 [6]. Recent high precision studies revealed negative ε 182 W values relative to CAIs for some iron meteorites [3, 5-10]. Taken at face value, this would indicate that core formation in the… CONTINUE READING