Cosmo-Paleontology: Statistics of Fossil Groups in a Gravity-Only Simulation

  title={Cosmo-Paleontology: Statistics of Fossil Groups in a Gravity-Only Simulation},
  author={Aurora Cossairt and Michael Buehlmann and Eve Kovacs and Xin Liu and Salman Habib and Katrin Heitmann},
  journal={The Open Journal of Astrophysics},
We present a detailed study of fossil group candidates identified in “Last Journey”, a gravity-only cosmological simulation covering a ( 3.4 h − 1 Gpc ) 3 volume with a particle mass resolution of m p ≈ 2.7 × 10 9 h − 1 M (cid:12) . The simulation allows us to simultaneously capture a large number of group- scale halos and to resolve their internal structure. Historically, fossil groups have been characterized by high X-ray brightness and a large luminosity gap between the brightest and second…