Cosmic censorship for AdS5-Kerr

  title={Cosmic censorship for AdS5-Kerr},
  author={Brett McInnes},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},
  • B. McInnes
  • Published 4 June 2019
  • Physics
  • Nuclear Physics B
Cosmic Censorship and Holography
Recent developments regarding the Weak Gravity Conjecture suggest the existence of a quantum-gravitational version of Cosmic Censorship. We explore the form that this "quantum Censorship" might take
Characterising the most rapidly rotating AdS5-Kerr black holes
  • B. McInnes
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2021
Classical censorship permits AdS5-Kerr black holes with arbitrarily large angular momenta per unit mass, which does not seem reasonable from a holographic point of view. However, it has been shown
Weak cosmic censorship conjecture in Kerr-Newman-(anti-)de Sitter black hole with charged scalar field
  • Bogeun Gwak
  • Physics
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
  • 2021
We investigate the weak cosmic censorship conjecture in extremal and near-extremal Kerr-Newman-(anti-)de Sitter black holes by the scattering of a massive scalar field with an electric charge. Under
Fragmentation of AdS$_5$-Kerr Black Holes
Black hole spacetimes asymptotic to five-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime are of great interest in connection with the string-gauge duality. In the rotating case, such black holes tend to become
Large numbers in holography
Null hypersurface caustics, closed null curves, and super entropy
Recently it was discovered that null hypersurfaces can develop caustics outside the event horizon of super-entropic Kerr-AdS black holes, in contrast to the usual Kerr-AdS case. In this work we
Event horizon wrinklification
The possible existence of stable black holes with entropies larger than the corresponding Schwarzschild black hole has been discussed extensively. The recently proposed "rough" black holes provide a
Interior volume of Kerr-AdS black holes
The interior volume of black holes as defined by Christodoulou and Rovelli exhibits many surprising features. For example, it increases with time, even under Hawking evaporation. For some black


Strong cosmic censorship: taking the rough with the smooth
A bstractIt has been argued that the strong cosmic censorship conjecture is violated by Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holes: for near-extremal black holes, generic scalar field perturbations
Strong cosmic censorship in charged black-hole spacetimes: Still subtle
It was recently shown that strong cosmic censorship may be violated in highly charged black-hole spacetimes living in a universe with a positive cosmological constant. Several follow-up works have
Further evidence for the weak gravity — cosmic censorship connection
A bstractWe have recently shown that a class of counterexamples to (weak) cosmic censorship in anti-de Sitter spacetime is removed if the weak gravity conjecture holds. Surprisingly, the minimum
Cosmic censorship violation in black hole collisions in higher dimensions
A bstractWe argue that cosmic censorship is violated in the collision of two black holes in high spacetime dimension D when the initial total angular momentum is sufficiently large. The two black
Strong Cosmic Censorship in higher-dimensional Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter spacetime
A bstract: It was recently shown that Strong Cosmic Censorship might be violated for near-extremally-charged black holes in 4-dimensional de Sitter space under scalar perturbations. Here, we extend
Fate of strong cosmic censorship conjecture in presence of higher spacetime dimensions
A bstractStrong cosmic censorship conjecture has been one of the most important leap of faith in the context of general relativity, providing assurance in the deterministic nature of the associated
Testing the Weak Gravity - Cosmic Censorship Connection
A surprising connection between the weak gravity conjecture and cosmic censorship has recently been proposed. In particular, it was argued that a promising class of counterexamples to cosmic
Cosmic Censorship of Rotating Anti-de Sitter Black Hole
We test the validity of cosmic censorship in the rotating anti-de Sitter black hole. For this purpose, we investigate whether the extremal black hole can be overspun by the particle absorption. The