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Cosmic Birefringence and Electroweak Axion Dark Energy

  title={Cosmic Birefringence and Electroweak Axion Dark Energy},
  author={Gongjun Choi and Weikang Lin and Luca Visinelli and Tsutomu. T. Yanagida},
Taking the recently reported non-zero rotation angle of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) linear polarization β = 0.35±0.14 deg as the hint for a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson quintessence dark energy (DE), we study the electroweak (EW) axion quintessence DE model where the axion mass is generated by the EW instantons. We find that the observed value of β implies a non-trivial U(1) electromagnetic anomaly coefficient (cγ), once the current constraint on the DE equation of state is also taken… Expand
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